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23 September 2013 @ 04:17 am
I have a cold!  
In all my years of hating and stressing about school, I've never had one of those dreams where you show up in your underwear for a test or for one for which you hadn't studied. Last last Friday, I did dream that I woke up late for picking up my dad from the airport. Real life wasn't so bad-- it was raining, and Westshore was a crawl, but I did it. I even found my dad, a fellow with no cell phone.

Apparently they went swimming with whale sharks. Part of me is like, "Aren't they endangered?" Another part is pretty jealous.

While the father and his wife were away, I felt like my parents must think that since my brother and I aren't millionaires helping orphans we must be incompetent or something. Like just because we don't  go grocery shopping with them we must have no idea how stores work??? If I called them out on it, they'd say there were "just teasing," but if I were to ask about a septic tank, they would be outraged! That I don't know such a thing! How spoiled! ಠ_ಠ‎

I debated even telling my mother to come over while they were away for a few reasons but for another few she did. One day she essentially broke in. Another pro in Vivi's moving Canada idea...

I think I freak out with change. The vacation week I had a pretty good schedule going on because I didn't have to drive anyone around, but Sunday night I couldn't sleep, and I wonder if it had anything to do with not knowing where not only my brother was but also his cat. Additionally, Monday he was to tell our dad that he wanted to join the Air Force.

Pop quiz! How did I find out about bro's decision: A) Him telling me or B) Him telling some random kid at Walmart when he demanded that I drive him and Joni there one time? The positive look at this is that the Walmart incident was a while ago, so I've had some time to accept that's he's considered an adult who can make his own decisions. I don't know why I thought our nonchalant dad would freak out about it and told bro to delay telling the Friday he got back. Dad probably "jokingly" pointed out all the ways he's not fit for service right before the accepting.

IDK man. I guess having some sort of plan is better than twiddling thumbs??? (I don't feel like I actually feel this)